Industrial Equipment

NuEnergy’s lithium- ion batteries are a great solution for many kinds of industrial equipment. From powering forklifts, scissor lifts, skid steer loaders, to AGV’s, NuEnergy’s lithium- ion batteries are getting the job done.

Nuenergy Battery Forklift

Lithium-ion Benefits

Businesses are choosing lithium ion for their industrial equipment due to the numerous benefits such as:

  • Clean Power
  • Faster Charging
  • Maintenance Free
  • Longer Lasting
  • High Energy Density

Contact us when you need consistent power to lift and move the heaviest loads. We offer a variety of voltages and convenient sizes as well as the option of building a custom pack especially for your heavy equipment.

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Automated Guided Vehicles

Autonomous robots include automated guided vehicles such as forklifts, and autonomous mobile robots that deliver payloads, big and small, is changing the face of manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

Autonomous robots that clean floors in commercial buildings and hospitals all the way down to the smaller vacuums for the home are giving us healthier spaces to work and live with increased cleaning frequency.

NuEnergy has been at the forefront in powering autonomous robots. Lithium Ion batteries are the most effective way to power your robot with their high density, capability of maintaining their stable voltage during discharge, resulting in longer runtimes.

Autonomous Robots in the Fields

Robotics and automation are transforming agriculture and NuEnergy is excited to be powering the way. Autonomous tractors are driving themselves, plowing fields, and helping to plant crops. Drones are working to monitor weed growth and pest infestations in the fields. Robotic milking is enhancing efficiency on dairy farms.

Autonomous technology is also providing invaluable information that improves water management and the efficiency of irrigation systems. Changes in water pressure and flow can be detected as well as water levels. Adjustments can be made to prevent unnecessary water waste. Automated systems are analyzing soil and and plant conditions. The data accumulated is guiding smart robots to the exact locations the fertilizer is needed and minimizing costs for farmers.

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