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NuEnergy Storage Technologies

With 20+ years of expertise, we power your business with tailor-made solutions for even the most demanding products.

Nuenergy Storage Technologies

Applications ranging from smart watches to electric vehicle mobility and energy storage solutions. NuEnergy Storage Technologies has provided high quality solutions to our customers for decades. We’ve been creating customized packs for our customers for over 20 years. Contact our office to discuss a custom pack that’ll power your business.
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Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)

Environmentally sustainable solution for energy saving & high-quality power. Can be used as telecom station backups, on/off grid power systems, UPS solutions and more.

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Large Form Factor Batteries

Our engineer and design team has provided large form factor solutions for autonomous guided vehicles, residential and commercial energy storage systems, marine applications, and large solar installations.

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Lithium Polymers

Higher specific energy batteries that are lighter and more flexible. Used in applications that need a powerful and lightweight power source such as electronic devices.


LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Batteries

Batteries that are environmentally resistant and have longer cycle lives. Used in ATVs, backup systems, marine and more.

Battery Packs Customized

Custom Battery Packs

NuEnergy provides battery pack assemblies in various chemistries, and our experienced technical team will ensure we determine the best match for your application. Our team has worked with leading companies from all over the world building and assembling custom battery packs.


Cylindrical Battery Packs

Economical batteries that are durable and long lasting. Used in applications such as laptops, e-bikes, medical instruments and more.


Coin Cell Specs

A single-cell battery that is used to power wristwatches, computer clocks, hearing aids and other small devices.