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  • Partial & Complete custom pack enclosures
  • High Performance batteries
  • Superior efficiency
  • Strict quality adherence
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Get Custom Pack Enclosures That Meet Intricate Industrial Needs

We understand that there is no universal battery solution applicable across all the industries.  As a leading supplier of lithium-ion batteries and energy storage technologies, NuEnergy immaculately engineers and develops custom pack enclosures for optimum energy solutions for industrial clients.

With our amassed wealth in engineering technology and manufacturing expertise, we provide both partial and complete custom energy storage solutions to meet specific needs for industries as well as the hand-held devices.

Our custom pack enclosures are in strict adherence to the prevailing battery regulation requirements to ensure sustainable performance at high efficiency and economical price.

Soft packs, hard plastic, optimal size, voltage, capacity, and operating temperature are just the beginning of customizing your rechargeable polymer Lithium battery storage solution. If your requirements move beyond the aforementioned, do not hesitate consulting our technical specialists to proceed.

Fill your information in the contact form and send us your message, or call our Technical Sales at +1-512-675-3100 for free quotes on custom battery packs.

Energy Storage Solutions for the Future


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NuEnergy Rechargeable Batteries

Our skilled engineers and technicians are well acquainted with the popular custom batteries widely used across industries. With close attention paid to the details, we provide high performance batteries that surpass client expectation.

We are proud of consolidated support from a huge network of manufacturers including the Asian markets to ensure regular flow of resources.

We provide custom portable power systems with a wide range of cells with chemistries including the lithium ion, Lithium-polymer and more. Whether you need replacement of an old battery or seek to improve the capacity of the complete battery enclosure, our specialists would be more than pleased to extend the support.

Every client would be expected to share the data files to determine if the internal design would be changed or not. We promise complete end to end collaboration with our clients to deliver the expected results.

Lean on our in-house experts who  are committed to incorporate finest intricacies in the energy storage solutions to help you meet serve the ultimate industrial purpose. We promise superlative quality, safety and reliability for each of the custom pack enclosures within cost-effective model to each of our valuable clients.

Share your needs with our specialists to provide a clear picture of your requirements and determine its viability. Our engineers would be more than pleased to guide you through.

Global Operations


NuEnergy Global Operations

To inquire further about our Battery Management Systems & Chargers, please use our contact form, or call our Technical Sales at +1-512-675-3100.

Turn Key Pack Development

Safety Certifications: CE, UL, TUV

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